Used SDI SPV 1010 #9061419 for sale

ID: 9061419
Vintage: 1994
Surface photo voltage tester 1994 vintage.
SDI SPV 1010 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment used for assessing the qualities of semiconductor-based wafers. The product offers a range of analytical capabilities, including surface height measurement, optical imaging, surface planarity mapping, and feature characterization. The system's surface height measurement capability allows for accurate 3D imaging and measurement of wafer surfaces and enables advanced processes that involve ultra-high precision that requires tight dimensional control. To ensure accurate and reliable measurements, the unit offers an automated touch-down procedure to ensure accurate z positioning and three Z-axis capacitive sensors. The optical imaging feature lets users take a detailed look at the surface patterns and topology of wafers. This is done with the use of two 26 cm imaging cameras, which provide up to 20x magnification and 12.5 µm lateral resolution. Additionally, the illumination machine employs bright Köhler lighting, with white-LED and fluorescent light for proper illumination. The tool also features surface planarity mapping, which provides visual and quantitative information about the surface topography of a wafer, including flatness, non-uniformity, and variance. By using algorithms, the asset can detect features (e.g., bumps and voids) on the wafer's surface. Finally, SPV 1010's feature characterization capability provides users with an understanding of the wafer's shapes, sizes, and structure. This is accomplished by utilizing various advanced algorithms, such as essential property, feature discrimination, and 3D visualization. In sum, SDI SPV 1010 is a robust wafer testing and metrology solution for those in the semiconductor industry. Its surface height measurement, optical imaging, surface planarity mapping, and feature characterization capabilities ensure accurate and detailed analysis of wafers, thereby aiding in the optimization of processes and the identification of issues.
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