Used SDI SPV 300 #9157370 for sale

ID: 9157370
Wafer Size: 12"
Surface photo voltage tester, 12".
SDI SPV 300 is a versatile and powerful wafer testing and metrology system designed to provide comprehensive insight into a full range of semiconductor products. Boasting state-of-the-art optics and illumination systems, SDI SPV-300 allows for unparalleled optical coverage of the wafer surface, ensuring that the exact sensitivity and accuracy required for each separate component of a semiconductor product is obtained. SPV 300 utilizes the latest scanning and imaging technology to provide full coverage of the testing wafer. This advanced and comprehensive scanning system allows for the acquisition of high resolution images at fast and user-defined scan rates. The advanced imaging process as well as the flexibility provided by SPV-300 allows for the acquisition of images spanning a wide variety of sizes, resolutions, and setups, enabling users to analyze the wafer across different wavelengths. SDI SPV 300 also features advanced real-time metrology capabilities. This allows for the real-time analysis and measurement of test subject features with extreme accuracy and accuracy, allowing for the evaluation of the test article's parameters in real-time, and effectively screening out test articles which do not meet the required quality standards or requirements. By utilizing a combination of high-speed charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras and high-vaccum optical systems, SDI SPV-300 excels in wafer testing and metrology applications. This is mainly due to the large number of miniaturized components that can be accommodated on the wafer when presented under an electron beam microscope. It is also capable of inspecting wafers with very small feature sizes, which would not otherwise be visible to standard microscopes or imaging systems. SPV 300's impressive feature set and performance makes it an ideal solution for wafer testing and metrology applications, especially for semiconductor products with tight accuracy and quality requirements. Its unique optical coverage and high-speed imaging system allows users unprecedented insight into the device or feature of the wafer being tested and measured. As such, SPV-300 is well-suited for use in applications such as IoT devices, advanced ICs, and any other applications requiring high precision and quality.
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