Used SDI SPV CMS 4000 #9208942 for sale

ID: 9208942
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1995
Surface charge measurement system, 8" Controller SMIF System: External indexer Stage handler Process chamber 1995 vintage.
SDI SPV CMS 4000 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment. This system is designed to combine the advanced features of a dedicated wafer tester and metrology unit into one machine for cost-effective and efficient wafer measurement. SPV CMS 4000 is an automated tool that is integrated into a three-dimensional coordinate measurement machine (CMM). The CMM interfaces with a wafer tester and metrology asset, allowing for wafer testing and evaluation in the same model. The CMM also provides a comprehensive range of testing and evaluation capabilities for wafers, including visual inspection, die pick-up and drop-out testing, thickness measurement, and electrical testing. SDI SPV CMS 4000 is equipped with advanced imaging features, including image capture, image alignment, and image analysis. The image capture feature allows for high resolution images of the wafer to be taken, allowing for accurate evaluation of the electrical performance and structurality of the wafer. The image alignment feature ensures that the CMM is correctly positioned for accurate wafer testing and evaluation. The image analysis feature allows for precise analysis of the wafer, including measurements of the wafer features such as radius of curvature and gap between the die. SPV CMS 4000 offers a wide range of test parameters, including automatic and manual testing, test voltage range, AC and DC testing, and multiple test channels. SDI SPV CMS 4000 also provides support for custom test formats and programs, allowing for tailored testing and evaluation of specific wafer types. In addition to its wafer testing capabilities, SPV CMS 4000 also provides a comprehensive range of post-test measurements and calculations, such as the analysis of multiple timing parameters, measuring contact resistance, and calculating the electrical parameters of the wafer. The analysis results are presented in a graphical format, allowing for accurate and detailed evaluation of the wafer. SDI SPV CMS 4000 is a cost-effective and efficient wafer testing and metrology equipment, allowing for accurate analysis for yield control and process optimization. This system provides users with an integrated and automated unit for wafer testing and metrology, allowing for efficient and reliable wafer analysis.
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