Used SDI SPV Station 1010 #102283 for sale

SDI SPV Station 1010
ID: 102283
Surface photo voltage tester.
SDI SPV Station 1010 is a fully automated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to analyze the electrical properties of semiconductor wafers. The system is ideal for medium to large volume production environments providing fast, reliable results with high levels of repeatability. The unit features an intuitive software interface that is user-friendly and easy to operate. It includes a high resolution, multi-channel load monitoring machine, as well as a high density probe card that is capable of measuring up to 4000 points per wafer. This allows for comprehensive testing of wafer properties and integrated circuit die characteristics, such as breakdown voltage, leakage current, surface uniformity and cross talk. SPV Station 1010 is equipped with a heater capability and a pulse-mode tester, both of which facilitate quick turnaround and improved performance. The heater enables the tool to realize smaller dimension changes on the wafer surface and improved high-temperature measurements. Its pulse-mode tester allows the asset to perform a variety of electrical tests in a fraction of the time compared to others in its class. The model has customize-able test programs and interfaces with external systems, such as SPC and LIMS databases, making it easy to analyze data and adjust tests as needed. In addition, the equipment can be operated remotely, allowing users to access their data and control the system from a remote location, such as a laptop. SDI SPV Station 1010 is ISO 9001 compliant and offers a full range of safety and diagnostic features, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment while ensuring accuracy and reliability of results. In addition, the unit is fully upgradeable, allowing users to easily upgrade to the latest version of the machine if desired. Overall, SPV Station 1010 provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for wafer testing and metrology. Its high-resolution monitoring capabilities, coupled with the ability to perform tests quickly, makes it an ideal choice for high-volume production environments.
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