Used SEIKO INSTRUMENTS TG / DTA-2200 #9096288 for sale

ID: 9096288
Thermo-gravimeter analyzer.
SEIKO INSTRUMENTS TG / DTA-2200 is a top-of-the-line wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide highly accurate, automated sample analysis. The system is designed to support a wide range of sample sizes, shapes, and wafer types, from ultra-thin wafers to thick wafers with exceedingly complex features. The unit features a highly precise 4-axis XYZ stage, with motor assisted control of the X, Y, and Z axes. This allows for fast and accurate targeting and precise movement of the wafer for testing and analysis. Highly sensitive tactile and positioning sensors are also incorporated, ensuring the integrity of the testing environment and minimizing the possibility of damage to the sample. For analysis, the machine includes a high-resolution inspection tool, which can measure features down to nanometer levels, as well as an optical inspection asset that images and records defects, contaminations, and particle deposits. It also collects data on dielectric strength, adhesion, lift-off, and electrical properties. All data is stored in the database and can be later displayed or printed. The model also features a number of tools and accessories, such as a low background microwave equipment, which is used in cases where contamination levels must be kept humanly unnoticeable, and a high-power microscope system, which can be used to examine samples up to 50,000X magnification. Furthermore, it incorporates a range of highly sensitive detectors and scanners to analyze and measure particle size, shape, and presence of defects. Also included are a variety of automated utilities for optimization and control of testing and analysis. These include a calibration utility, which sets up the test environment and helps to ensure accurate results, as well as a parameter optimization utility, which automatically adjusts the parameters used for measurement and analysis as conditions change. TG / DTA-2200 is an ideal tool for rapid, cost-effective, accurate wafer testing and metrology, providing powerful and comprehensive support for development and production processes. When combined with its range of tools and accessories, the unit provides maximum flexibility to satisfy the most demanding tests and analysis.
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