Used SENSYS SMS-2000 #144008 for sale

ID: 144008
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2000
Scatterometer, 8", 2000 vintage.
SENSYS SMS-2000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for demanding semiconductor applications. It provides unmatched spindle and global planalities, as well as superior analysis and wafer edge detection capabilities. Its built with a fully automated wafer handling and wafer transfer system, reducing the labor intensive operations associated with manual wafer testing and metrology. The unit is comprised of an automated physical and non-destructive Wafer Transfer Machine (WTS), two control enclosures, and two manual load and unload stations. The WTS provides precision motion control, allowing accurate and repeatable transfer of test substrates. The three tracking-level control points measure the slit and spindle parameters, allowing for high-precision measurement of the wafer. The planar analysis and wafer edge detection modules are integrated with the WTS to measure the global planarity of the wafer and identify edge damage or foreign particles. SMS-2000 supports various metrology, imaging and testing applications, including 3D non-contact metrology, critical dimension (CD) metrology, and metrology defect inspection. It can evaluate various kinds of defect types and sizes, so it can be used to analyze ICs with high-density internal circuits and multiple metrology applications. Furthermore, due to its fast wafer exchange rates, it is suitable for high-volume production of advanced microelectronic devices. The tool features a high-resolution measurement asset for precise characterization of nanometer-scale devices. It is equipped with enhanced optics and a high-powered laser beam, allowing for high-accuracy imaging of diffraction-limited images from semiconductor thin-film structures. Additionally, it supports proprietary Multi-Function Analysis, which allows for faster measurement than traditional single-function analysis. In addition to its technical capabilities, SENSYS SMS-2000 offers a robust software interface for easy integration of the model into higher-level software suites. Its user-friendly menus provide quick and intuitive access to equipment settings and data analysis. Additionally, the system can be configured to create a range of reports, including comprehensive test results, summary statistics, and comparison data. Overall, SMS-2000 is an exceptional wafer testing and metrology unit. It is easy to set up, offers precise results, and provides unprecedented reliability. As a result, it is the ideal choice for demanding semiconductor applications.
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