Used SHB INSTRUMENTS 109 #9203529 for sale

ID: 9203529
Hysteresis loop tracker / Magnetic film measurement system.
SHB INSTRUMENTS 109 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers the highest performance for demanding semiconductor applications. This state-of-the-art technology is designed for both research and production environments, providing precision measurements with nanometer accuracy. The system is ideal for a wide range of testing applications, from high-volume production testing to demanding research and development tasks. 109 utilizes advanced optics, including full-spectrum lasers, interferometers, and deformable mirrors to ensure accurate measurements. In addition, the unit features a wide range of metrology and electrical measurement capabilities, including critical dimension analysis, double-sided surface topology measurements, 3D imaging, dual-pinhole imaging, and micro-contact measurements. The device also offers superior analytical tools, including sophisticated terrace, line, and circle fitting algorithms for noncontact surface profiling and analyzes statistics from hundreds of thousands of data points simultaneously. By combining these powerful features with high-speed image acquisition and advanced software, SHB INSTRUMENTS 109 is able to provide a comprehensive overview of the sample under test. 109 offers unrivaled flexibility in a range of thermal conditions. The temperature range of the machine can reach as low as -20℃ and as high as 200℃. Additionally, the integrated robotics allow for automated loading, unloading, and sample/chamber mapping functions. The software of the tool is customizable and can be optimized to work with a wide variety of production processes, making it ideal for use in different industries. The asset can be easily integrated into a larger automation platform, and the software can be adapted to different requirements with configuration files and macros. SHB INSTRUMENTS 109 is a reliable solution for quality and process control and offers unparalleled performance and accuracy for the most demanding semiconductor applications. This wafer testing and metrology model is the perfect choice for researchers or production engineers who are looking for powerful and accurate testing solutions.
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