Used SHB INSTRUMENTS 109 #9224943 for sale

ID: 9224943
Hysteresis loop tracker / Magnetic film measurement system.
SHB INSTRUMENTS 109 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the efficient testing and analysis of semiconductor wafers. The system is equipped with a multi-channel controller and an integrated achromatic 3-axis stage, giving the unit an impressive speed of movement for high-resolution imaging and scanning. 109 is capable of acquiring a wide variety of spectral data - including visible, infrared, and UV spectral measurements - within just a few minutes, thanks to its rapid testing and radiometric calibration. It is also capable of automatically estimating the thermal characteristics of the wafer, such as its resistance to thermal expansion. SHB INSTRUMENTS 109's ergonomic design allows for convenient and intuitive handling, and its ability to accommodate a wide variety of wafer types makes the machine a reliable and versatile option for testing applications. Its user-friendly GUI interface, allowing for quick and easy wafer testing, is also a great advantage. It also includes several analytical features, such as real-time over-lay and near-real-time metrology, for rapid inspection and data analysis. 109's in-situ fluid capabilities, a key feature for semiconductor manufacturers, further increase its versatility, as it enables the wafer to be tested without being removed from its environment. The fluid capabilities also go hand-in-hand with its in-situ temperature measurement feature, allowing for accurate measurement of temperature variations over time within the wafer, and with its drying and pre-heating features, enabling the wafer to reach its optimum temperature quickly and efficiently. In addition to these features, SHB INSTRUMENTS 109 tool also comes with features that enable users to monitor and control the wafer's environmental conditions for maximum output, pre-installation calibration that ensures completed unit operation immediately after setup, and automated alignment and registration that guarantee accuracy of data collection. Overall, 109 is a comprehensive and reliable wafer testing and metrology asset, offering unparalleled capabilities for quick and precise testing of wafer features. Its comprehensive suite of features ensures that it meets the needs of any wafer testing and metrology laboratory, allowing users to accurately measure, monitor, test, and analyze the characteristics of any type of wafer.
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