Used SHB INSTRUMENTS 110-2 #9203528 for sale

ID: 9203528
Hysteresis loop tracker / Magnetic film measurement system.
SHB INSTRUMENTS 110-2 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for high performance and accuracy in a range of applications. Its main feature is a fully automated, two-stage optical testing system which can analyse a wide range of wafer types, from small pieces of semiconductors to large area test and large area process wafers. The unit is constructed from two key components - a wafer stage and a metrology machine - which are seamlessly integrated to create an efficient and reliable testing platform. The wafer stage serves as the means of anchoring and positioning the wafers during testing, and it is capable of dealing with thin substrate wafers. It is equipped with a high-precision motorised Z-stage that can achieve submicron precision when positioning the wafer in the XYZ axes. A waferauto handler can be added to the wafer stage, enabling it to move up to eight wafers onto the testing station. The metrology tool performs the actual testing of the wafers. It is equipped with a high-precision microscope, hardware acceleration sensors and specialised software to measure defect areas, thickness and flatness. It is also capable of detecting non-visual surface defects such as non-uniformity, non-contact, bridge bonds and defect patterns. The asset can operate up to three-dimensional (X,Y,Z) simultaneous testing, and can operate up to 8 samples per second. 110-2 is designed to provide accurate results with repeat accuracy and repeatability of 0.1 μm and 0.05 μm respectively. The model is built with a robust automated data handling architecture, allowing it to operate continuously for up to an hour before needing to be reset. This reliable and efficient testing equipment enables users to obtain accurate and reliable results quickly and easily.
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