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ID: 163059
Calibration standard.
SIGNATONE Pro4-6000 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the testing and characterization of semiconductor devices. This system combines digital signal processing (DSP) with advanced optics for enhanced sensitivity and resolution. It also features external data storage capabilities and a dynamic on-board user interface to enable simple and easy operation. Pro4-6000 utilizes a high-performance laser detector, position-sensing detector, and a laser beam sampler to enable measurements of a wide variety of wafer features. The unit features a high-resolution positioner with a scan range of 200mm x 200mm, providing ultra-fine control of the wafer's location and orientation to facilitate accurate measurement. The positioner can also be quickly said to various points on the wafer to enable fast and efficient inspection of multiple sites at once. SIGNATONE Pro4-6000 machine offers a suite of sophisticated on-board software for data collection and analysis. It includes intuitive tools for calibration and characterization, as well as powerful algorithms for statistical analysis and defect classification. These powerful data analysis tools enable the rapid identification and localization of defects, helping to optimize yield and improve product quality. The tool also includes a library of DSP techniques for maximum flexibility and functionality. Advanced laser techniques such as pulse-width modulation and photo-acoustic imaging can be used to characterize device structures, with advanced digital signal-processing techniques offering additional flexibility. The asset's flexibility and versatility makes it one of the most powerful wafer testing systems available. Pro4-6000 features a software-based calibration model, allowing the equipment to be tuned to maximize sensitivity and improve accuracy. Its high-speed data capture allows users to quickly acquire data without compromising accuracy. The system employs dual-detector technology, enabling higher speed measurements and reduced acquisition times. SIGNATONE Pro4-6000 is an advanced and powerful unit designed for reliable and accurate testing and metrology. Its combination of advanced optics, digital signal processing and a dynamic user interface delivers superior performance, while its flexible and powerful software suite provides all the capabilities necessary for successful wafer testing and characterization.
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