Used SIGNATONE QuadPro A8 #161251 for sale

ID: 161251
4 point prober.
SIGNATONE QuadPro A8 is a precision wafer testing and metrology equipment that combines the best of 4-point probing and laser scanning capability. By using an integrated air bearing scanner or HPSS table, it enables superb manual and automated wafer probing. QuadPro A8 is designed for demanding, high-volume industries such as the semiconductor and flat panel display (FPD) industries. SIGNATONE QuadPro A8 offers excellent 4-point probing performance, giving users a repeatable, high-precision measurement with extremely low contact resistance. The use of an 8" bevel-edge-probe mode provides accurate measurements of very small, device environments such as FPD transistors, transistors and other circuit elements. Additionally, QuadPro A8 provides a fast, 3D laser scanning capability, allowing users to quickly generate images of intricate device structures. SIGNATONE QuadPro A8 is an easy to operate system and is equipped with advanced automation capabilities, allowing users to customize their measurement processes. With its graphical user interface and in-depth settings, QuadPro A8 is capable of different probing and analysis modes and allows fast custom mapping. Internal adjustment systems, such as SPC wizard, auto-learn settings and multiple operator settings, ensure that wafer measurements remain accurate and consistent. SIGNATONE QuadPro A8 is compliant with industry specifications, such as advanced process control (APC) and history retention compliance, ensuring that the unit can keep up with the most demanding requirements. QuadPro A8 is also designed with a vision machine that uses AI-based algorithms to detect minute changes in the wafer surface, catching defects before they become serious. SIGNATONE QuadPro A8 is designed for reliability, accuracy, and safety. It uses a direct-drive tabletop that ensures exceptional high-speed scanning speeds, operates at temperature of 65°C to 110°C and is equipped with an operator-friendly control panel. QuadPro A8 also includes a unique flange-mounted X-Y stage, which allows easy sample loading and efficient sample examination. Overall, SIGNATONE QuadPro A8 is a powerful, integrated testing and metrology tool that offers excellent 4-point probing and laser scanning capabilities. It is well suited for the most advanced wafer probing and analysis applications and is the perfect choice for demanding, high-volume industries.
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