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ID: 9211447
Laser profilometer P/N: U100B-H26-R313.
SOLARIUS Viking is an innovative wafer testing and metrology equipment that empowers wafer manufacturers to decrease the time and costs associated with wafer fault detection and characterization. By utilizing laser-based fault detection and automatic evaluation, the system provides users with fast, reliable, and cost-effective results. The unit utilizes a 7-axis micro-positioning stage and laser-optically aligned scriber for fault detection and characterization, which allows the machine to accurately identify and measure wafer defects with high precision. Additionally, the tool employs a high-speed laser sensor that can quickly measure a variety of metrology parameters, such as wafer flatness, surface roughness, and defect area. These measurements are conducted on the wafer surface along three axes. The asset also features a suite of advanced software tools for automated fault evaluation. The software automatically sorts and classifies fault data into several user-defined categories for further review. Additionally, the user can use the software to identify and analyze specific faults, and to generate a diagnostic report. These tools work in combination with the model to quickly and accurately diagnose wafer faults, as well as to ascertain key information about the wafer's a condition and performance. Furthermore, SOLARIAS Viking also offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to control and monitor the equipment's performance. The GUI provides real-time feedback of measurement results and highlights any potential anomalies or faults. It also allows the user to create boxes of interest (BOIs) for further investigation, and allows the user to easily export data and files. In summary, SOLARIAS SOLARIUS Viking provides a powerful and efficient way for wafer manufacturers and other industry professionals to analyze, detect, and characterize wafer flaws with ease. By utilizing laser-based fault detection, automated evaluation, and a graphical user interface, it enables users to analyze and identify wafer faults quickly and reliably, while also providing cost savings.
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