Used SOLVISION Nano 3D #9174273 for sale

ID: 9174273
Inspection machine.
SOLVISION Nano 3D wafer testing and metrology equipment is a multi-functional and advanced solution designed for wafer edge and defect inspection and measurement. This system offers superior 3D metrology capabilities for profile detection and contour trace measurement applications. It utilizes 3D structured light scanning technology to achieve maximum accuracy in size dimension assessment and surfacing analysis. This unit is user-friendly and easy to operate. It features a high-speed sensing machine with an automated tour guide feature that guides the light beam to the whole wafer rapidly and accurately. The scanning speed of the tool is 3.2s/mm2, and it has a measurement precision of 2.5 nm. This asset also offers a unique multiple-chip cutting principle, allowing the user to cut a single wafer into multiple wafers. Nano 3D wafer testing and metrology model is equipped with an array of image process functions, including image recognition, edge detection, segmentation, vectorization, and more. The equipment can automatically identify defects on the wafer edge, and it has efficient and highly accurate algorithms for determining size dimensions and surface characteristics. It also features an integrated report generation system that creates customized inspection reports with detailed analysis and images. SOLVISION Nano 3D wafer testing and metrology unit has a powerful analytical capability, and it also includes comprehensive software modules for adding and modifying data. This machine is compatible with USB sticks, and it has a built-in storage tool for saving and transferring data. It also offers regular maintenance and update capabilities to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Nano 3D wafer testing and metrology asset is designed for professional use in research and development laboratories, as well as production lines. This model is highly accurate and efficient, and its superior performance can help reduce costs and maximize efficiency. It is also suitable for a wide range of applications, such as in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical device, semiconductor, and optics industries.
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