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ID: 9192601
Distortion measurement system.
SOUND TECHNOLOGY 1710A Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment is an advanced and powerful solution for the process control and metrology of semiconductor wafers. The system combines a high-speed optical encoder and a state-of-the-art graphics processor unit (GPU) to provide accurate and comprehensive data collection, analysis, and insights. 1710A provides highly precise and repeatable measurements of parameters such as critical dimensions, linearity, throughput speed, wafer thickness, and other relevant characteristics of the wafer. The unit utilizes an angular resolution of 2/3 nm for improved accuracy. It features motion control through optical absolute position encoding technology, enabling instant recognition of the wafer's position in the machine and eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustment. The tool's highly configurable design enables it to be tailored to the customer's specific needs. It is equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface which simplifies asset operation and increases its efficiency. The built-in statistical analysis tools provide comprehensive analyses of the wafer and enable intelligent process control. SOUND TECHNOLOGY 1710A also features a sophisticated wafer mapping and imaging model which displays the exact position of each feature on the wafer in both 2D and 3D formats. The wafer mapping equipment supports microscope, camera, and laser illumination, allowing for highly precise surface topography measurement. In addition, the wafer mapping system can be configured to detect large variations in optical or electrical properties across a wafer's surface. The unit's modular design makes it flexible and can be expanded to fit larger, more complex applications. It also features a built-in host of adaptable data management tools, allowing users to easily move and manage large amounts of data. 1710A Wafer Testing and Metrology machine is a powerful, accurate, and comprehensive tool for process control and metrology of semiconductor wafers. It is capable of providing highly accurate measurements of wafer geometry and topography, enabling precise and repeatable analysis and process control. Its modular design, intuitive user interface, built-in statistical analysis tools, and data management tools combine to make it a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for wafer testing and metrology.
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