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Spreading resistance probes (SRP) Main electronics cabinet Microscope / Probe stage assembly Heated probe option installed IBM Pentium computer system Probes.
SSM 150 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precise measurements of complex structures on semiconductor wafers. The system includes all of the necessary components for testing and metrology, including: sample lift, optical microscope, photomask, microscope lamp, optics linear motion stage, image acquisition unit, centering device, video display, 3D tracking machine, and tilt adjustment tool. The sample lift is engineered to hold wafer samples up to 150mm in diameter, while the optical microscope uses a high-resolution lens asset to ensure clarity and precision when analyzing samples. The photomask is used to accurately analyze complex areas of the wafer sample. The microscope lamp illuminates the sample so that patterns and features can be seen accurately. The optics linear motion stage moves the micro-positioning platform forward and backward, allowing the sample to be adjusted to the proper position for analysis. The image acquisition model captures a high-resolution image of the sample, which is then displayed on the video monitor. The centering device helps ensure the sample is properly aligned and in the best position for analysis. The 3D tracking equipment records the sample's orientation at any given location and the tilt adjustment system gives the user the ability to tilt the sample in any direction for better image clarity. All of these features combine to create a comprehensive metrology tool for in-depth analysis of the complex structures found on semiconductor wafers. The unit offers the ability to capture, analyze, and store hundreds of microscopic images of wafer samples at extremely high resolutions. The data obtained from these images can be used for a variety of purposes, from quality control to design optimization. 150 machine provides an accurate and reliable tool for analyzing semiconductor wafers on both a microscopic and macroscopic scale. Its intuitive design and versatile range of features make SSM 150 a valuable tool for any wafer testing or metrology lab.
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