Used SSM 470i #9157376 for sale

ID: 9157376
CV Plotter Dual wafer test capability Dual nickel plated wafer chucks, 8" (4) Micropositioners SSM Capacitance measurement unit SSM CV Multiplexer HEWLETT-PACKARD / AGILENT E3612 DC Power supply Input power: 208V, 3Ph, 60 Hz.
SSM 470i Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a comprehensive system designed to provide high-precision, repeatable measurements of semiconductors and related materials. It is composed of three main components: an optical inspection device, a testing jig, and an integrated data acquisition unit. The optical inspection device uses a variety of microscopes and magnifying lenses to identify defects and analyze fine features on the surface of a wafer such as line widths, etch depth, surface strain, and others. This is done by recording images of a sampled area from the wafer and then applying software algorithms to accurately classify and quantify the features. The testing jig is designed to precisely locate the sample wafer onto the optical inspection device and provides integrated heating/cooling capabilities to achieve optimal imaging conditions. Using stepper motors and micro-positioners, the jig is also able to ensure the exact alignment of the sample wafer with respect to the microscope. The integrated data acquisition machine is responsible for capturing and storing the acquired data, which is eventually used for metrology reports generated by the tool. The data acquisition asset also includes built-in software tools for setting parameters, controlling the model, and analyzing the acquired data. Taken together, the optical inspection device, the testing jig, and the integrated data acquisition equipment of 470i Wafer Testing and Metrology System make it a powerful and reliable unit for fault detection, wafer inspection, and metrology analysis. Through its high accuracy and repeatability, the machine can produce exact and consistent measurements which can be used for critical downstream processes such as optimizing process parameters or yield analysis.
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