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SSM 6100
ID: 9055345
SSM 6100 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for semiconductor device fabrication. It allows dynamic light scattering, ellipsometry, and total internal reflectance spectroscopy on 5" or 6" wafers. The system uses high-sensitivity scientific grade optics, providing state-of-the-art image and data acquisition capability. The unit incorporates a light tunnel mounted in a hermetically sealed housing. This allows light from the test area to be focused into a highly sensitive spectrometer. The tunnel also helps reduce stray light and thermal noise associated with regular microscopes. Users can configure the machine to perform non-destructive testing of materials as thin as 0.005mm. Additionally, the x-y stage offers a maximum sample area of 161.2mm x 177.8mm with an accuracy of 0.002mm. 6100 offers high precision data acquisition of the wafer surface. It features a wide range of light sources, including LED, high-power laser, and halogen bulbs. Each of these sources is designed to efficiently measure the physical properties at high resolution. The reading speed of the tool is up to 10,000 readings per second. It also offers a high signal-to-noise ratio, allowing users to capture highly accurate measurements. The asset offers a variety of analysis functions. It includes a powerful image processing algorithm for rendering images with no apparent distortions. SSM 6100's software offers multiple levels of analysis including multi-scatter, integrated analysis, and multiple image correlation. This allows users to accurately measure thin-film thickness and surface roughness. Overall, 6100 is designed to provide accurate and reliable testing of semiconductor devices. It offers advanced light tunnel design, high-precision spectrometer, and a suite of analysis functions. This allows users to quickly and accurately measure physical properties of thin-film layers on wafers.
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