Used SSM ASR-100B #46892 for sale

ID: 46892
spreading resistance probe.
SSM ASR-100B wafer testing and metrology equipment is a powerful tool designed to facilitate quality control in the high-tech manufacturing sector. The system features a combination of advanced technologies and sophisticated instrumentation, allowing users to measure a wide range of wafer characteristics in a quick and accurate manner. At its core, ASR-100B utilizes automated optical/electrical testing to gather detailed data on each wafer. The unit can inspect, measure and distinguish defects, allowing for real-time feedback on accuracy, deviation, and uniformity. This data is captured in a form which is easily accessible and analyzable, providing manufacturers with the ability to quickly identify any problems with the wafers and take the necessary measures to resolve the issue. SSM ASR-100B wafer test machine also features advanced alignment mechanism and a vacuum adsorption tool enabling users to accurately position the wafer. The platform also features specialized automated pneumatic probe asset and stable load-bearing function, which allow the model to precisely measure the physical parameters and surface roughness, allowing the manufacturers to keep their manufacturing processes accurate and reliable. For metrology applications, ASR-100B offers an environmental chamber. The chamber ensures that the tests are performed under controlled conditions and also has a temperature control equipment so as to maintain a stable environment. This prevents any external factors from affecting the test results and helps to ensure an accurate and consistent result. In addition to all these features, the system also provides an automated data exchange service and an integrated image processing unit, which are both tailored for managing metrology data. This data can be used for further analysis and making informed decisions. SSM ASR-100B is thus a powerful, reliable and accurate testing and metrology machine which is ideal for use in high-tech manufacturing applications. With its comprehensive features, the tool provides manufacturers with a comprehensive platform that helps them to optimize their production and increase their overall yield.
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