Used STAEFA NRUF / A #173448 for sale

ID: 173448
Control system, CE marked.
The STAEGA STAEFA NRUF / A is a high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide unparalleled accuracy when measuring critical wafer parameters. The system utilizes a robust electro-optical platform to provide a detailed 3D analysis of wafer samples across a wide range of parameters and properties. The unit features a high-magnification high-resolution digital camera and scanning head capable of producing images with sub-micron detail and precision. The digital optics enables unparalleled analysis capability and allows the user to accurately measure the value of many critical wafer characteristics, such as total thickness, CD or CD variation, CD profile, and variations in surface flatness. The machine also provides comprehensive visual defect reviews and inspections, with customizable algorithms for automated detection and classification of defects. The STAEGA NRUF / A is equipped with proprietary Autofocus technology that automatically refocuses the digital lens to maintain accuracy in each individual measurement. This ensures precision across the sample wafers while maintaining speed and efficiency. The tool also supports a range of sample loading and handling options, making it suitable for use in low-to-high volume testing environments. The STAEGA STAEFA NRUF / A software is intuitive, easy to use, and can be easily configured to fit your specific application's requirements. The user interface provides easy access to all of the asset's features, including metrology, flat-surface analysis and automated defect review. Advanced features such as image stitching and blend parameter adjustment also allow the user to produce more accurate results within shorter periods of time. The software can also generate detailed reports and graphs for quick and easy visualization of results. The STAEGA NRUF / A is a truly advanced wafer testing and metrology model designed for the highest levels of accuracy and performance. Its robust imaging platform and versatile sample handling options enable the equipment to accurately measure a wide variety of wafer properties. Its powerful software ensures high-level results in a rapid and efficient manner, providing users with a complete wafer analysis solution.
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