Used SURFTENS OEG #9043976 for sale

ID: 9043976
Vintage: 6"
Metrology instrument, 6".
SURFTENS OEG is a specialized 'wafer testing and metrology' system for detecting dielectric particle contamination on semiconductor wafers during the manufacturing process. It utilizes an Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) method to detect, classify and map contamination particles at exceptionally high resolution. Inspection of semiconductor wafers is a critical step in the assembly and manufacturing process, and it is essential to detect and minimize defects which could impair performance. OEG is designed to take high resolution images of the wafer surface and then analyze these images to detect any defects. Specifically, the system utilizes OES spectroscopy to perform particle identification and mapping. This analysis detects particles that are made of conductive, insulating, or semi-conductive materials based upon their spectral emission under infrared radiation. The results of the analysis are then represented in a particle map showing the concentration of different types of particles across the field of view. These particle maps can be used to identify areas of contamination, which can then be further analyzed to ensure the highest yields of reliable wafer production. The system's accuracy and resolution make it particularly advantageous for detecting tough-to-find defects, such as intermixing. This occurs when a concentrated area of contamination particles are difficult to detect in a single image, but can be identified by sorting the particle size and composition in the OES analysis. This makes both yield improvement and cost savings possible as there is less need for cleaning steps to remove contamination. The overall benefit of SURFTENS OEG is the ability to detect and classify particle contamination at the highest levels of accuracy and resolution, saving time and money in the process while safeguarding the production of the highest quality wafers. Its OES spectroscopy method provides detailed information quickly and accurately, helping to ensure a high quality product at the end of the process.
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