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TABER 5000 Series
ID: 9081129
Rotary abraser.
TABER 5000 Series is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide high-end test and measurement capabilities for research and industrial use. The system is equipped with high-resolution digital imaging, automated edge detection and integrated optical metrology. These features allow for precise and reliable measurements of all types of semiconductor wafers, flat panels and die/discs. 5000 Series is engineered with the latest technology for high accuracy testing and measuring results. It is equipped with a 600 MHz Intel processor and high-resolution color imaging systems, as well as an optical microscope. Its powerful metrology systems provide precise 3D measurements of micron and nanometer scale structures, ensuring efficient data collection. The unit also has a number of automated features, including automated edge detection, time-saving file organization and automatic edge alignment. TABER 5000 Series includes several powerful software applications for advanced analysis. These include a suite of image processing and analysis tools, a three-dimensional measurement toolkit, and a comprehensive software package for quality control. Its software package also offers an automated wafer traceability machine and wafer mapping tool for wafer classification. 5000 Series has a very intuitive user interface. The asset has full navigation capabilities and detailed measurement and analysis reports. User interface options include touchscreen, stylus pen and voice command capabilities. The model is designed for reliable performance, with self-diagnostics and smart tuning functions that provide accurate readings in different environmental conditions. TABER 5000 Series is ideal for use in a variety of industries such as semiconductor, display, solar cell, flat panel and other electronic industries. Its high-performance and efficient operation make it suitable for both research and industrial users. It is highly cost effective, and its full compatibility with other systems makes it easy to integrate into existing test and measurement setups.
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