Used TABER 5135 #9081963 for sale

ID: 9081963
Rotary platform abraser.
TABER 5135 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that is used to measure the electrical and physical characteristics of integrated circuits during wafer processing. It uses precision laser interferometry to precisely measure the thickness, profile, flatness, critical dimension, and planarity of the wafer. Additionally, it is equipped with various electrical components such as multiplexers, short/open circuit tester, and diode/LED probes, which allow for testing of electrical characteristics all the way from component level up to the whole wafer. 5135 system is highly sensitive, accurate and rugged, and it has been designed for industrial use in wafer fabrication or research and development laboratories. It is equipped with a high-resolution camera and spatial light modulator (SLM), which allow it to capture the shape, patterns and surfaces of the wafer. The SLM is also used to project a structured light onto the wafer, providing information on the surface topography which is then used to generate images with high accuracy. TABER 5135 also has multiplexer channels and diode/LED light probe measurement capabilities. This allows for electrical parameter measurements like resistance, capacitance, voltage and current, and even multi-function analyzers which measure signal response, signal noise and signal integrity. Other electrical measurement capabilities include impedance measurements and transient voltage/current measurements. Additionally, the unit can be used for wafer level burn-in testing, component and circuit level measurements, and open/short tests. 5135 is an extremely versatile machine, and it can accommodate multiple testing scenarios. It has a powerful software suite that allows for automated setup and testing, and it also includes advanced image analysis functions for characterization, calibration, or failure analysis. The tool also offers flexible data analysis abilities, allowing users to store, analyze and report on their results with ease. Ultimately, TABER 5135 represents a powerful, state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology asset. It has been designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements with minimal operator oversight, making it ideal for wafer fabrication laboratories or research and development applications. Its powerful imaging and electrical testing capabilities provide an all-in-one solution for wafer characterization, and its flexibility and scalability make it an integral part of any wafer production process.
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