Used TAMAR Waferscan 300 #293636438 for sale

ID: 293636438
TAMAR Waferscan 300 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for production environments. This system offers a high degree of precision and accuracy when measuring and analyzing semiconductor wafers. It features high-resolution scanning stages that accurately capture small geometric features, such as fin width and gate length, as well as high resolution optical systems for inspecting device microstructures. The unit includes a highly reliable and accurate laser interferometer that provides precise measurements of the wafer's surface. Through its integration with advanced image processing algorithms, it accurately analyses and measures the topography of a wafer surface. An automated detection algorithm further improves accuracy by detecting potential errors in measurements or data points due to laser scattering of the surface. TAMAR machine utilizes a motorized optical zoom to allow users to quickly adjust the magnification of the optical tool in order to observe and analyze different areas. It also features a high-quality CCD camera that captures images with an extremely high degree of accuracy. The asset also includes a multi-purpose monitor for users to review the results of measurements and image analysis. Waferscan 300 further provides functionality for inspecting i-line and KrF films, and is capable of measuring the thickness of device layers. Additionally, the model can accurately analyze photoresist thickness measurements, enabling users to ensure that dimensionality and feature resolution is within tolerance. An automated optical alignment procedure provides users with an easy and accurate way to quickly achieve the desired alignment of the equipment's optics. This precision alignment feature is highly valuable in a production environment, as it ensures accurate results within the shortest time possible. The system can also measure the flatness of a wafer surface, allowing users to accurately identify and address potential issues that affect the quality of devices. Finally, the unit provides an array of data analysis tools and reporting capabilities that allow users to rapidly extract statistical data and quickly make informed decisions.
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