Used TAYLOR HOBSON TALYROUND 265 #9161653 for sale

ID: 9161653
Vintage: 2000
Precision roundness measuring 2000 vintage.
TAYLOR HOBSON Talyrond 265 wafer testing and metrology equipment offers precise metrology measurement capabilities for flat wafer surfaces. This system is designed to evaluate flat and planar surfaces on semiconductor wafers, providing real-time data analysis and comprehensive reports for process improvement. The Talyrond 265 consists of a test chamber, an angle sensor and a motor driven drive mechanism. The test chamber measures the wafer surface with two types of sensors- a circular interferometer and a linear capacitive sensor. The data is then used to calculate the distance between the two types of sensors and wafer surface which is then used to identify any defects on the surface. The angle sensor enables precise measurement of the angles required for evaluation of the surface. The motor driven drive mechanism ensures accurate motion and position control. The unit provides features such as accuracy ranging from 0.2 nm to 6 nm, speed and step size up to 0.1mm and 0.01deg in the X,Y,Z axes, a maximum wafer diameter of 92 mm, a maximum sampling speed of 6000 wafers per minute, and readout accuracy of 3um. The software offers a comprehensive report to provide information about the results of the measurement including the number of readings, the average value, the maximum and minimum values, the standard deviation, and other statistical data. The machine is compatible with a variety of manufacturing processes such as wet etching, photolithography, and annealing. The Talyrond 265 is equipped with an intuitive user interface which offers quick and easy set-up and analysis capabilities. The tool is also provided with a tutorial and a help asset for users who require additional information. To ensure reliability and quality, the model is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions. In addition, the equipment is provided with a warranty period of one year to ensure that the system is repaired or replaced if necessary. In conclusion, TAYLOR HOBSON Talyrond 265 is an effective metrology unit offering accuracy, speed, and comprehensive information to evaluate and optimize flat wafer surfaces. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the machine is ideal for a variety of semiconductor device fabrication processes.
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