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ID: 167463
TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 is a high-end wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurement and analysis data. It is a comprehensive, modular solution that allows for a wide range of wafer testing and metrology processes. The system can be configured to meet the requirements of any semiconductor manufacturing environment and offers high-precision testing and metrology capabilities. It is designed to provide the automated testing of large semiconductor wafers with an emphasis on speed, accuracy, and repeatability. TalyStep 1 consists of two separate components: the Wafer Testing Module and the Metrology Module. The Wafer Testing Module performs automated testing on wafers to measure electrical, mechanical, and physical properties. This module is capable of testing semiconductor wafers up to 8 inches in size. The electrical tests (e.g., DC, AC, and pulse) are all performed using a computer-controlled tester. The mechanical tests include measurement of physical characteristics such as thickness, diameter, and strain. The Metrology Module is used to measure the distributions of diameters of a sample of different features on a wafer. This is done using a probe and a laser microscope to measure the individual features. The data is then used to generate a wafer map. TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 unit is designed to be a flexible, automated solution to fulfill any semiconductor manufacturing requirement. It can be used for a variety of applications, including defect and failure analysis, yield analysis, process optimization, and wafer qualification. Due to its modularity and versatility, TalyStep 1 can even be used to develop custom automated testing and metrology processes. TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 is a highly advanced and reliable machine that provides an automated solution for semiconductor wafer testing and metrology. Its modular design ensures that users can configure it to suit any semiconductor manufacturing environment. It offers high-precision testing and metrology capabilities and is capable of producing high-quality data. With its automated and versatile capabilities, TalyStep 1 is an ideal solution for semiconductor manufacturers and engineers.
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