Used TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 #9020464 for sale

ID: 9020464
Step profiler system No connection cables.
TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 is a leading wafer testing and metrology equipment used to measure and monitor the whole process of wafer production. This system provides accurate automated wafer inspection and process monitoring capabilities, using advanced non-contact optical profilometry to measure the surface topography of the semiconductor wafer. TalyStep 1 is designed to help semiconductor manufacturers adhere to internationally agreed standards of measurement quality and ensures that products are manufactured to meet the highest performance demands. This unit allows for superior process control and quality assurance, and is an essential tool for wafer related production and materials research. TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 machine uses a non-contact, XYZ measurement method which allows for faster and more accurate measurements, covering larger areas. In addition, TalyStep 1 is adaptable to any substrate or platform size. It automatically detects and measures flatness, warpage, surface defects, edge roughness, full ellipsometry, and layer thickness, among other things. The software of TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 tool allows users to customize advanced data analysis results to detect trends and improve efficiency. Additionally, TalyStep 1 supports the export of data to other industry standard software packages. TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 asset features an innovative design to ensure accuracy and flexibility. The model consists of an opto-mechanical platform, a profile measurement and data analysis computer, and a specialist non-contact optical head. These three components provide outstanding wafer performance. The opto-mechanical platform has a low profile, to reduce strain and stress on the wafer substrate. It is designed to reduce vibration and disturbance to ensure the accuracy of results. The optical head uses diverging laser beams directed to target the areas of interest, with an azimuth angle and a range of sample tilt angles available. TalyStep 1 offers a range of additional features and benefits to users. These include temperature control for precise positioning of laser spots and sampling areas, high-performance optics for improved accuracy, and a comprehensive range of analysis algorithms. This equipment can also be interfaced and controlled remotely, with users able to monitor and analyze the results in real time. For wafer production and research teams, TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep 1 can provide numerous advantages: giving them the ability to identify trends over time, pinpoint potential performance problems, carry out process improvement, and more.
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