Used TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep #9009074 for sale

ID: 9009074
TAYLOR HOBSON TalysStep is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment for the semiconductor industry. This system enables manufacturers and engineers to analyze wafer surface variations to optimize device performance. It provides non-contact, precise surface non-uniformity measurements and uses advanced wafer imaging technology to detect, measure and analyze surface pattern and defect features. The TalysStep unit utilizes advanced imaging sensors to rotate the wafer in a precise way and takes images at discrete diffraction angles to obtain what is known as a 'shadowgram'. A 'shadowgram' is a visual representation of the 3D contact surface of the wafer, which allows surface pattern and defect features to be detected, measured and analyzed. Through the TalysStep pattern and profiles analysis features, precise non-contact surface metrology and characterization can be achieved. The TalysStep machine has several advantages compared to other wafer testing systems. For example, it is able to provide single-point non-contact measurements with a high repeatability of results. The tool utilizes advanced optics and imaging sensors to provide full 360-degree surface analysis. Additionally, TalysStep has a dual-stage automated wafer positioning asset, which enables high-accuracy wafer centering and stabilization, guaranteeing reliable measurements. TAYLOR HOBSON TalysStep also provides a wide-range of visualization tools to improve the wafer analysis process, and an integrated defect review and classification model to reduce the time needed to analyze wafer defects. Additionally, the TalysStep equipment can be easily connected to larger factory automation systems, allowing for error-proof wafer identification, wafer sorting and automated wafer metrology. TalysStep is an advanced and reliable system that allows for precise metrology and characterization of wafer surfaces. It is a great choice for manufacturers and engineers looking for fast, accurate and reliable wafer testing solutions.
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