Used TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep #9048081 for sale

ID: 9048081
TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for accurate determination of wafer geometry. It allows for the testing of flat, non-flat and curvilinear surfaces with the use of dynamic metrology. Utilizing a designed analysis of over 35 geometrical parameters, it is possible to generate high-precision photogrammetry data with the help of the system's advanced optics. The unit contains an interchangeable scanning head which includes a dynamic camera and a vertical scanning scale. These components are programmed to quickly acquire the necessary data in order to generate the photogrammetry data needed for analysis. The scanning head can be adjusted to a variety of heights allowing for the testing of both taller and smaller wafers. Additionally, the operator can change the camera's fields of view in order to adjust the resolution depending on the wafer's size. Each scan can be completed in as little as 5 milliseconds resulting in faster and more efficient testing. TalyStep utilizes mathematical algorithms to measure the wafer's geometry and then to digitally reconstruct it. The machine does this through the combination of a triangulated mesh technique, laser scanning, and photo triangulation. It then stores the data for later use. For convenience, TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep is operated with the use of a software program. This allows the user to easily configure the camera's settings, adjust the speed of the scan, analyze the data, and store it or export it for further usage. Overall, TalyStep is a powerful and reliable tool for wafer testing and metrology. Its advanced optical components ensure the accurate detection of wafer geometry, as well as its dynamic scanning being able to produce high-precision photogrammetry data. Its ease of use is highlighted by its software that enables a swift reconfiguring of the camera's settings and the user-friendly data analysis capabilities.
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