Used TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep #9355843 for sale

ID: 9355843
Vintage: 1983
Profilometer 1983 vintage.
TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide reliable quality results. This system integrates a variety of measurement technologies to ensure top-tier quality and accuracy for each operation. The primary components of TalyStep include a High Resolution 2D Metrology Stage, CCD camera, light source, and imaging unit. The High Resolution 2D Metrology Stage offers seamless in-board positioning accuracy, allowing users to accurately measure multiple locations on the wafer. The CCD camera uses top-of-the-line optics and auto exposure to fully capture each wafer's composition and properties. Including the camera, an integrated light source is used to backlight the wafer and provide consistent illumination throughout the testing process. The Flexible Imaging Machine is another key component of TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep tool. This asset allows users to adjust the image resolution, contrast, and brightness for optimal results. By adjusting these parameters, users can create sharper images for more accurate automated inspection and metrology analysis. Additionally, the model is designed to capture images from different angles, allowing for analysis over distances and contours. In addition, TalyStep equipment features automated wafer front side and back side printing, as well as plasma processing. Both of these processes help to ensure that each wafer is properly identified during testing. The system is also equipped with dedicated software designed specifically for quick and easy operation. With the software, users can easily define test rules, assign results, and monitor wafer conditions in real-time. Finally, TAYLOR HOBSON TalyStep unit is designed to work in several environments, from laboratories to high-traffic production-level facilities. The machine is constructed out of durable materials and is capable of resisting shock and vibration while maintaining high performance standards. When combined with competent operation, TalyStep's comprehensive wafer testing and metrology solutions provide reliable quality results, time after time.
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