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ID: 9182288
3D Measuring system DCC / CMM PC Dmis software PH10M Probe.
TESA Micro-Hite is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for high accuracy, high throughput measurements of silicon wafers. It utilizes a multi-axis, 3D stage to precisely and accurately measure wafers in the XYZ axes. The integrated microscope provides magnified images of the wafer surface for accurate measurements, while the Laser Scanner head provides fast and high-precision measurements of any 3D profile. Micro-Hite system is powered by a powerful TESA software suite, enabling fast, automated capture, analysis, and report generation of wafer surfaces. The intuitive user interface and the automated data acquisition enable efficient operation of the unit, improving wafer testing accuracy and throughput. TESA software can also output a range of file types, including recipes, CAMP, MAP, SCAPE, and CAD formats, allowing compatibility with various metrology databases and formats. The machine also includes a calibrated stage, designed to measure wafers with greater accuracy, making it ideal for the stringent demands of process development and failure analysis. The tool's dual measurement sciences technology combines contact and non-contact methods for improved accuracy and repeatability. The asset is highly versatile, capable of measuring not just silicon wafers, but also Materials Characterization, Nano-fabrication, MOEMS and Opto-electronic device testing. For high accuracy and repeatability, TESA Micro-Hite is equipped with programmable, temperature-controlled stage. This ensures that measurements can be made in a tightly controlled environment, with the required temperature ranges and settings for each measurement depending on the material and application. In addition to wafer testing and metrology, Micro-Hite can also be used for process development and quality verification. The model is highly customizable and can be tailored to customer needs with a range of options, from automated imaging, automated sample preparation, stage vibration isolation, and additional scan speed. TESA Micro-Hite is built on an ergonomic design for user convenience, while also incorporating latest safety standards, and the highest quality standards in manufacturing processes. It is compact, robust, and easily transportable for cost-effective solutions. Its durable construction is designed to handle the rigors of modern wafer processing and set-up requirements, making it the ideal solution for wafer testing and metrology.
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