Used THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2360 #9139527 for sale

ID: 9139527
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1999
Film thickness measurement system, 8" 1999 vintage.
THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2360 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed to provide industry-leading accuracy in defect inspection and thickness measurement. The 2360 is the latest line of wafer testing and metrology systems offered by THERMA-WAVE, and it provides a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that can easily be used to detect defect locations, measure film thickness and investigate the properties of the entire wafer. The 2360 system is equipped with a proprietary high resolution optical microscope which allows for accurate detection of defects in the wafer. It can also be configured with a low- temperature scanning ion microscope (LT-SIM) for more precise measurements of defects and film thickness. The LT-SIM provides an extremely high resolution, offering more detailed imaging of the wafer with an accuracy of up to 1 nanometer. The 2360 unit is equipped with a powerful processor and advanced algorithms to accurately identify and measure defects in the wafer. It uses a combination of image processing, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence in order to make corrections for irregular shapes, as well as identify any potential contaminants. In addition, the machine provides an "auto-navigation" feature for quickly navigating through the various features of the wafer. Other features of the 2360 tool include a high performance virtual probe station, along with an integrated light source, a fast auto-focusing camera, and a high definition video camera. The 2360 also offers an automated mapping capability, with an intuitive drag and drop user interface for creating diagrams and models of multiple wafers. With these features, users can analyze multiple test sites on a single wafer with ease. Finally, the 2360 asset offers proactive preventive maintenance features and advanced diagnostics tools. This helps users to identify potential issues and faults before they can become a problem, thereby ensuring a maximum lifespan for the model. The 2360 equipment is an ideal choice for those who need a wafer testing and metrology system with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. With a variety of features and diagnostic tools, the 2360 unit can help users achieve rapid, accurate results in their critical analyses.
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