Used THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2600B #9105608 for sale

ID: 9105608
Wafer Size: 8"
Film thickness measurement system, 8" Fan: Clean Air Products P/N: CAP109BH (1) Diffuser, Large (1) Diffuser, Small (2) Monitors Printer, P/N: P-90W (1) AC Power Conditioner, P/N: 012-007 (1) Monitor Chase Video (1) Brooks PRI Robot Input: 1Ø, 110V, 50/60Hz, 7.5/10A.
THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2600B is a wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed for rapid non-destructive measurements of wafer quality and uniformity in semiconductor processes. Combining advanced optoelectronic sensors and scanning/imaging optics, the system is capable of detecting even the smallest discrepancies in wafer characteristics. Key features of the Optiprobe 26000B include: highly accurate and repeatable optical measurements up to 1.3µm resolution, non-contact infrared imaging, and on-line real-time process feedback. It uses CO2 or YAG laser illuminated optics to measure RMS, surface roughness, flatness, and critical dimensions. The unit can precisely measure locations of the wafers, defect coverage percentages, and voiding levels. The Optiprobe 26000B's advanced particle detection machine accurately measures the number of particles on wafers to ensure optimal wafer quality and surface performance. THERMA-WAVE OPTI-PROBE 2600-B is designed for the semiconductor fabrication market, and is an ideal add-on for any processed wafer characterization workstation. It can be easily integrated into existing test and process control systems. Its remote diagnostic capabilities allow for simultaneous troubleshooting and repair, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum laboratory productivity. The tool runs on a LINUX and UNIX operating asset and supports Windows and Macintosh environments. Its upgradable software allows for easy customization and integration with existing machinery, and supports a variety of third-party hardware and software components. It also features an open architecture, which can easily integrate a number of process control systems such as Windows NT, Alpha, and LabVIEW. OPTI-PROBE 2600 B is the perfect solution for any chip manufacturer looking for reliable and accurate wafer testing and metrology. Its robust design and features make it an essential tool for wafer fabrication.
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