Used THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2600B #9212777 for sale

ID: 9212777
Film thickness measurement systems.
THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2600B Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment is an advanced wafer testing and metrology system designed to provide precise measurements of wafer properties and characteristics. The unit features advanced, high-resolution imaging technology, a robust data collection machine, and a high-performance optical platform which enables precision and repeatable measurements. The high-resolution imaging platform of the 2600B tool offers a wide field of view and a high degree of detail that is ideal for measuring small, difficult to measure structures such as shallow trench isolation (STI) structures and electrical resistivity. The sophisticated data-collection asset and powerful optics platform, combined with the model's software and hardware components, provide an extremely accurate and reliable measurement platform that is designed to meet the most demanding wafer testing and metrology requirements. The equipment also features a user-friendly graphical user interface which makes it easy for users to quickly and intuitively access the system's capabilities and interpret the resulting data. The advanced imaging techniques offered by the 2600B unit provide a high degree of flexibility when it comes to testing and metrology of wafer properties. The machine is engineered to provide repeatable, reliable and accurate results in any given environment. This tool is ideal for integrated circuit (IC) process control, material and process development, and wafer quality control. The asset is cost-effective, user-friendly, high-precision and repeatable, making it an ideal choice for any wafer testing and metrology requirements.
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