Used THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 5240 #9111927 for sale

ID: 9111927
Vintage: 1999
Film thickness measurement system BPR, BPE, AE, SE, BB, SM 1999 vintage.
THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 5240 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precision measurements of semiconductor devices. It features an advanced optical imaging platform that enables inspection and accurate measurement of contact/bond pads, as well as providing high throughput for wafer-level evaluation. The system provides sub-micron resolution and precision, allowing for non-destructive testing and accurate analysis of critical device characteristics. The unit utilizes advanced 3D scanning technology to allow for detailed information to be gathered from the wafer surface, allowing for accurate measurement of critical dimensions, such as bond pad height, diameter, and contact resistance. Additionally, the machine has antireflective coating technology to reduce wafer over exposure, leading to accurate and repeatable results. OPTIPROBE 5240 is equipped with a high-resolution digital imaging tool, which is capable of measuring critical device parameters such as gate thickness, gate depth, contact size, contact metallization, device mask alignment and other critical parameters. The asset is also capable of identifying critical defects in the wafer, such as needle traces, voids, and other high aspect ratio defects. THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 5240 model is also equipped with a comprehensive metrology software package, which allows the user to perform line-scan, panoramic and 3D imaging. This software also includes a color-coded graphical user interface, allowing users to quickly identify and analyze measured results. The equipment is also equipped with automatic tuning capabilities, allowing for easy integration with production line testing setup. Additionally, OPTIPROBE 5240 is equipped with a high efficiency motor for fast and accurate scanning, as well as an auto-focus function for ensuring optimal imaging. The system also includes a wide variety of user-definable settings, including data acquisition speed and image calibration options. The unit has the capacity to generate accurate and repeatable measurements, with minimal downtime and reduced machine cost. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface and diagnostic outputs, making it an ideal choice for large volume production.
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