Used THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 7341 #9123268 for sale

ID: 9123268
Vintage: 2003
Film thickness measurement system Twinstar robot 2003 vintage.
THERMA-WAVE Optiprobe 7341 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment for measuring the surface and topography of semiconductor wafers and measuring thin film materials. It is a highly accurate, non-destructive metrology system that provides superior 3D surface characterization of semiconductor wafers and thin film materials. The unit is designed to perform a wide range of measurements including: surface roughness, step height, width, depth, contour and cross-sectional surface profile measurements. Optiprobe 7341 is capable of measuring high aspect ratio, as well as low aspect ratio, wafers with scan speeds up to 270 mm per second (up to 1000 mm per second with the long view option). THERMA-WAVE Optiprobe 7341 is capable of generating a wide variety of quantitative data related to the surface and topography of the wafer. This includes a comprehensive range of engineering quality assurance metrics from Zernike coefficients to stereographic representation. Optiprobe 7341 is also capable of generating high-resolution images and a variety of other outputs, including relative height and color images, for visual comparison and integrated defect detection. THERMA-WAVE Optiprobe 7341 is equipped with an integrated software suite that allows users to develop custom metrology applications with minimal programming. The software is designed to be easy-to-use, intuitive and feature-rich, enabling users to quickly analyze data, identify trends, and generate reports easily. The software also provides powerful, image-based defect detection capabilities. Optiprobe 7341 is a fully automated machine that is designed to meet the most demanding production test requirements by providing users with high precision results on a wide variety of wafer types and sizes. It is equipped with an optical microscope, a touchscreen controller, and an automated probe tool. The probe asset consists of a Z-stage that enables a continuous scan of the sample surface. The microscope features a high resolution digital camera to acquire images of the surface being scanned. THERMA-WAVE Optiprobe 7341 is an ideal wafer testing and metrology model for high-volume semiconductor production, and it is designed to measure wafers in a wide range of processing and inspection steps. Its powerful software capabilities enable users to quickly obtain automated 3D characterization results on semiconductor wafers, generating timely and accurate metrics for wafer defect identification, failure analysis and process optimization.
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