Used THERMA-WAVE Therma-Probe 420 #9161276 for sale

THERMA-WAVE Therma-Probe 420
ID: 9161276
Ion implanter.
THERMA-WAVE Therma-Probe 420 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment capable of inspecting and characterizing a variety of semiconductor materials. It offers superior control of wafer temperature, as well as dielectric, optical, and electrical testing outcomes. The system utilizes a thermopile-based temperature probe that offers fast thermal response times, ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of temperature measurements of wafer surfaces. The thermopile used in Therma-Probe 420 is the largest on the market, offering a fast and accurate two-dozen readings per second on the contact sensor. This data is used to generate temperature profiles of wafers and other objects. THERMA-WAVE Therma-Probe 420 also offers various electrical performance tests, measuring and characterizing devices using appropriate RF parameters such as resistance, capacitance, impedance, and inductance. With its two-channel DC platform, low and high power DC tests can be conducted simultaneously and independently. The unit can also perform die-level thermal analysis and transistor-level circuit simulations for better understanding of device behavior, as well as package interaction. The machine contains a wide range of optical testing capabilities, including in-depth automatic and manual defect detection, wafer mapping, and particle analysis. Furthermore, the tool offers environmental control and repeatability required for accurate and reliable process development and qualification. Finally, Therma-Probe 420 has been tested to meet all relevant EMI/EMC requirements. THERMA-WAVE Therma-Probe 420 is capable of providing reliable, repeatable results for device development, characterization, and process optimization across a range of semiconductor materials. From its thermopile, optical, and electrical test capabilities, Therma-Probe 420 has theperformance and flexibility to meet any wafer testing, metrology, and process development needs.
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