Used THERMA-WAVE TP 3300 #9093527 for sale

ID: 9093527
Ion implant measurement system.
THERMA-WAVE TP 3300 is a precision wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and reliable results for semiconductor wafers. This system uses a combination of optical techniques, scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), thermal imaging, and a variety of other advanced technologies to achieve unparalleled precise measurements. It is used by the semiconductor industry to produce consistent and accurate thin-film data, enabling the development of high-quality semiconductor products. The unit begins with automated wafer-level alignment and testing. The alignment machine combines an optical microscope, tactile sensing, and laser scanning to detect and map physical features on the wafer's surface. This information is then used to accurately position the thin-film probe, allowing for better measurement precision and repeatability. The tool also includes a variety of thermal testing methods, such as infrared thermography and thermography, to characterize thermal properties of the wafer, including thermal conductivity, thermal resistivity, and thermal capacity. This information is used to analyse key parameters of the device, such as process temperature, heat flow, and thermal efficiency. The asset also includes advanced scanning electron microscopes (SEM), which allow a more in-depth analysis of the wafer's microstructure. Through the use of high-resolution SEM imaging and analysis, the model can characterise the wafer's component shapes, grain sizes, and physical defects. This information, combined with other data from the thermal testing provides a complete picture of the device's performance. In addition, TP 3300 equipment includes a variety of other advanced metrology techniques, such as a near-field scanning microscopy (NSM), a capacitance-voltage (CV) meter, and a profilometer. These tools allow for a more comprehensive analysis of the wafer's characteristics, enabling the development of high-quality, reliable semiconductor devices. THERMA-WAVE TP 3300 system is an advanced wafer testing and metrology platform that provides precise, reliable, and comprehensive data for producing high-quality, reliable semiconductor devices. Its combination of alignment, thermal testing, and scanning electron microscopes make it an invaluable tool for any semiconductor fabrication operation.
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