Used THERMA-WAVE TP 3300 #9105606 for sale

ID: 9105606
Ion implant monitor system Includes a second CPU.
THERMA-WAVE TP 3300 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides fast, reliable physical inspections and yield analytics for manufacturers of advanced semiconductors and MEMS devices. The system utilizes infrared thermal imaging to characterize physical defects that cannot be revealed through conventional optical methods. The unit relies on a full-featured 600 x 600 pixel array detector that provides superior thermal contrast. The detector is synchronized with the imaging optics at a near-optimal spectral range for a wide variety of wafer materials and thicknesses. The unit also features an advanced processing computer and automated control software for fast, reliable testing of patterned wafers. TP 3300's high-resolution imaging capabilities are supplemented by advanced fault location functions and defect authentication to make sure each wafer is inspected accurately and thoroughly. The unit's thermal imaging also reduces thermal gradients between hot spots on the wafer and eliminates the need for manual temperature adjustment. In addition, the unit features a "One-Touch" functionality for easy set-up and wafer analysis. The integrated machine also includes an interchangeable test head design allowing for optimized process speeds and simpler reconfiguration and upgrades. Lastly, the tool has an ergonomic design with easy manual override options for manual testing. THERMA-WAVE TP 3300's testing capabilities are suitable for many different wafer types and process environments. It is compatible with industry-standard wafer materials such as sili-con, GaAs, and SOI wafers and also has the ability to detect faults on sapphire, GaN, and metal stack substrates. The asset is also certified by the International SEMI standard for advanced wafer testing and is compatible with many leading metrology tools. Overall, TP 3300 wafer testing and metrology model is an ideal solution for advanced semiconductor and MEMS device manufacturers. Its automated optical and thermal imaging capabilities provide faster, more reliable wafer inspections than manual methods, and its intuitive user interface and test head design make it an excellent choice for both production and research environments.
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