Used THERMA-WAVE TP 400 #9047335 for sale

ID: 9047335
Wafer Size: 6"-8"
Vintage: 1994
System, 6" 8" capable 1994 vintage.
THERMA-WAVE TP 400 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a highly advanced device that enables precise testing and metrology of wafers. It is specifically engineered for tasks such as characterization of wafer performance and material behavior at advanced nodes. The data captured is used to determine the success and failure of each wafer process. The system offers a high-resolution imaging capability utilizing a special-purpose reflectometer. This enables the operator to capture reflectance and transmission images of the wafer's surface for accurate scanning and optical analysis. The scan speed is adjustable and can reach 14 ips (inches per second) for larger wafers. The unit also includes an advanced light-emitting diode pattern illumination feature. This allows the operator to easily test non-planar surfaces or otherwise difficult targets such as small slits and recessed channels. THERMA-WAVE TP400 also features a high-powered optical module machine that is optimized for testing and metrology of ultra-fine line widths. This is suitable for testing and in-depth analysis of circuit geometries and provides very accurate measurements of processing performance characteristics. Additionally, the tool includes an advanced semiconductor fluorescent sensor. It allows measurement of light intensity from nanometer to micron wavelength ranges and is especially suitable for recognition and calculation of faint signals. TP 400 Wafer Testing and Metrology Asset features a highly robust and reliable architecture, providing superior accuracy and repeatability. Moreover, the integrated environment also ensures that all data is well maintained and properly archived. Utilizing this model requires minimal technical data transfer between the equipment and its operator. Upon completion of a test or metrology procedure, the system will automatically generate a comprehensive report of the test's results. To enhance user experience and facilitate the tasks of testing and metrology, TP400 includes a graphical user interface. This is especially useful for inexperienced users as it simplifies and streamlines the operations of the unit. Furthermore, it also reduces setup time and enhances interactivity and accuracy. In conclusion, THERMA-WAVE TP 400 Wafer Testing and Metrology Machine is an advanced device specifically engineered for precise testing and metrology requirement of wafer processors. Its numerous features enable accurate testing and metrology of wafers at advanced nodes and ensure comprehensive reporting of results. Accordingly, it is an invaluable tool in the semiconductor industry and is suitable for a range of metrology tasks.
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