Used THERMA-WAVE TP 400 #9112874 for sale

ID: 9112874
THERMA-WAVE TP 400 equipment is an advanced and highly sophisticated wafer testing and metrology system, designed to meet the stringent requirements of today's sophisticated semiconductor packages. This unit is ideal for accurate thickness profiling of substrates including glass, plastic films, metallized metallization layers and thin-film transistors. The machine adopts a new laser pulse technology which allows it to analyze the thickness of a sample in less than one second, making it ideal for temporal profiling of substrates and material layers. In terms of its physical components, THERMA-WAVE TP400 tool is composed of two main components: the control module and the scanning head. The control module includes an intuitive user interface, allowing operators to set up, monitor and control the asset's specifications exactly according to their requirements. It also features several automated core functions, enabling smooth operation and precise results. The scanning head is a special, self-aligning module that can accurately measure the thickness of a substrate within a tolerance of +/- 0.001 mm. This module is equipped with two laser beams, an ISO Class 8 clean optical path and a unified sample stage for reaching maximum data precision. TP 400 model is especially noted for its impressive accuracy and repeatability of measurements, as well as its speed of data acquisition. It has a metal thickness resolution of 0.001 μm, making it suitable for the characterization of ultra-thin metalized layers. Additionally, this equipment is extremely reliable and has no input power variation at any sample thicknesses, ensuring that measurements remain consistent throughout. Moreover, its ergonomically designed components, thermal protection and a built-in automatic filter reduce operator fatigue and minimize the risk of errors in comparison to manual systems. Overall, TP400 system provides a high-precision, reliable and efficient wafer testing and metrology solution for semiconductor packages. Its advanced laser technology and ergonomic design elements guarantee accurate and repeatable measurements in the shortest time range, making it a valuable asset for any semiconductor fabrication process.
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