Used TOKYO KEIKI MAC-92CV #9226139 for sale

ID: 9226139
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 1997
Reticle inspection system, 6" 1997 vintage.
TOKYO KEIKI MAC-92CV is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment used in the semiconductor industry. It is designed to measure the thickness of wafer films, laser-induced stress, and other electrical characteristics, as well as providing process control and wafer inspection. The system itself consists of a central pump, high-sensitivity pressure transducers, and a multiport parallel capacitance manometer. The central pump is capable of running variable speed and is able to deliver a maximum pressure of 78.8 MPa and rotate at up to 150 cycles per minute. The high-sensitivity pressure transducers in the unit are low-noise and can accurately measure pressure to within 0.0001MPa, while the multiport parallel capacitance manometer is used to measure the wafer films, wafer stresses, and other electrical characteristics. MAC-92CV is equipped with a sophisticated control machine that allows users to monitor and control all relevant parameters of the tool, such as pressure, speed, and temperature; and is also capable of performing a wide range of tests for comprehensive process and product control. These tests can be used for measuring film composition, stress and degradation levels, and additional characteristics of a wafer and its films. Additionally, the asset can can also be used for wafer surface mapping and wafer inspection, in order to monitor product quality and process control. TOKYO KEIKI MAC-92CV has been designed with superior levels of accuracy and repeatability, making it an ideal choice for wafer testing and metrology applications. It is extremely reliable, easy to use, can be used for both laboratory and production environments, and provides excellent measurements and results.
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