Used TOKYO SEIMITSU DH-151 #9148960 for sale

ID: 9148960
Wafer Size: 8"
Wafer surface measurement system, 8" Power: 220V, 3P 60Hz.
TOKYO SEIMITSU DH-151 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed to help semiconductor manufacturers meet their production inspection and measurement needs in a cost-effective and accurate manner. Boasting a batch size of 200 wafers, the system offers a semi-automatic inspection and measurement process, meaning the operator will need to manually enter the wafer specifications before the unit starts. Featuring a motorized wafer stage measuring 142mm by 142mm, the machine is equipped to scan the entire surface of the wafer by combining a CCD camera and high-speed stepping motor. Once the wafer is scanned, the machine will then proceed to measure the obtained image with excellent accuracy using a focal distance measuring tool (FDMS) and a laser-induced material displacement map (MIM). This allows areas of non-compliancy to be detected with a high degree of accuracy and clarity. In terms of inspection capabilities, DH-151 is equipped with a unique inspection algorithm which comprises a combination of rule-based, supervised and unsupervised learning. This algorithm is used to automatically detect flaws and defects such as particle contamination, foreign materials, and pits, making it possible to easily identify which areas need improvement and take corrective action as needed. In addition, the asset is also equipped with the latest computer vision-based technology which allows the machine to extract information such as sizes, shapes, and colors of objects in the wafer. TOKYO SEIMITSU DH-151 is designed for easy operation and maintenance, coming pre-equipped with a user-friendly interface so that even inexperienced operators can use the model with ease. This user-friendly equipment is accompanied by an easy to understand instruction manual, helping to explain the fundamentals of the software, as well as how to operate and maintain the system. In summary, DH-151 is well suited to support increased demand from the industry for improved performance with higher accuracy. With a wide range of features and capabilities, this wafer testing and metrology unit is the perfect solution for any semiconductor manufacturer seeking an economical and efficient way to ensure optimal production performance.
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