Used TOKYO SEIMITSU DIAH84 #187300 for sale

ID: 187300
Vintage: 1986
Test system 1986 vintage.
TOKYO SEIMITSU DIAH84 is a high-precision automated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to measure and analyze the characteristics of semiconductor wafers. It utilizes the latest technology in optical imaging and metrology techniques to measure various aspects of the wafer, including pattern size and surface topography. The system is composed of an optical microscope and an integrated metrology and imaging unit. The microscope is composed of two separate optical imaging and metrology systems (open-closed type), which works in tandem to take images of wafers. Both systems have a high numerical aperture of 0.85 and with high magnification up to 200x, achieving extremely high precision measurements. The integrated metrology and imaging machine is equipped with a rotary stage that offers quick and easy access to all surfaces of the wafer. The rotary stage has a high accuracy in positioning and rotational speed. Additionally, DIAH84 boasts a built-in laser interferometer, which allows for accurate, high-precision measurement of optical characteristics such as thickness, surface roughness, and shape. With this tool, the user can easily measure the profile of tiny, complex patterns on the wafer surface. The laser interferometer also ensures high repeatability for future measurements. Further, the asset also features a high-speed image processing module which enables the user to obtain accurate and high-resolution measurements quickly. With its easy-to-use graphical user interface, the model can be operated without any prior knowledge of metrology. TOKYO SEIMITSU DIAH84 is a powerful and highly-accurate tool for wafer testing and metrology, and is suitable for a variety of research and industrial application, such as process control and troubleshooting. With its fiber-optic accessibility, the equipment is easy to move around and can be used in a variety of manufacturing and laboratory environment. It is an ideal tool for industrial users in need of highly precise wafer testing capabilities.
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