Used TOKYO SEIMITSU YR-60 #9156520 for sale

ID: 9156520
Vintage: 1985
Wafer surface measurement system 1985 vintage.
TOKYO SEIMITSU YR-60 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a powerful tool for measuring the microstructure of semiconductor chips. This system uses advanced image capture technology to present an accurate picture of the wafer's inner structure. It is a highly efficient unit which can provide quick feedback of the quality of manufactured semiconductor chips. This allows manufacturers to quickly determine if their products meet the desired specifications and ensure that their products meet the quality standards required for them to be put to effective use. The core of this machine is its sensors which collect data on the wafer's structure. It employs a variety of methods for data capture which include infrared light, ultraviolet light, and visible light, ensuring that accurate images are captured. These sensors and image capture technologies are also capable of detecting the electrical properties of the wafer, such as transient current, electrical charge, and capacitance. YR-60 also features a control unit which processes the data collected by the sensors. This control unit is capable of taking a wide range of measurements, such as geometrical dimensions, roughness, and other physical properties. Additionally, the control unit is capable of performing process control functions, such as compensating for temperature drift or other environmental factors which may affect the measurements. TOKYO SEIMITSU YR-60 also features a comprehensive suite of software tools to help operators analyze the data collected by the tool. The software tools include a variety of charting and graphing functions, as well as hability to calculate such data as defect size, defect type, and process yield. YR-60 is a powerful and efficient way to accurately measure the microstructure of semiconductor chips. It is a reliable tool which can provide manufacturers with quick results and ensure that their products meet the quality standards required. This asset is an essential piece of equipment for any semiconductor production facility.
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