Used TRANSFER ENGINEERING 00-00-0000070-020 #9195146 for sale

ID: 9195146
Wafer Size: 12"
Wafer load lock system, 12" MESC Compatible.
TRANSFER ENGINEERING 00-00-0000070-020 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to efficiently minimize downtime for production inspection and testing processes. It utilizes an innovative system architecture that enables fast data transfer and processing which is ideal for modern production processes. This unit features advanced components such as a fast transfer arm capable of pulling up to 70kN (depending on the load) and a dedicated wafer-handling robot that can transfer test wafers without touching them. It also has component-level hardware and software solutions that ensure transfer accuracy and repeatability. Its comprehensive testing and metrology capabilities include alignment scanning, wafer detection, measurement, and surface imaging. The machine's integrated software offers a full suite of features and capabilities. These include embedded software that allows you to generate reports from data generated by the tool, view and analyze data, and modify parameters, as well as a user-friendly software interface for configuring and managing the asset. It also features a real-time decision-making model that helps you identify issues before they become serious problems. The equipment also includes a number of design choices to choose from depending on the user's application needs. For example, there are several different types of loading arms, with a range of loading rates and product sizes. There is also a variety of transfer arm configurations, including horizontal, vertical, and ball-and-socket types, and a selection of wafer transport systems. Additionally, the system allows for the integration of multiple process tools, such as pinpoint detectors, holographic metrology lasers, and optical mask alignment scanners. This ensures that all test parameters can be accurately measured and recorded in real-time. In conclusion, 00-00-0000070-020 is an impressive wafer testing and metrology unit that helps to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime for production processes. With its advanced components, user-friendly controls, and a wide range of integrated tools, it is perfect for today's production needs.
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