Used TROPEL 144238 #9155894 for sale

ID: 9155894
Tropel measuring machine.
TROPEL 144238 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a unified system designed to provide comprehensive wafer testing and metrology data collection and analysis. The unit offers a complete suite of test capabilities, allowing users to perform a wide range of tests and characterizations of semiconductor wafers. The machine features an integrated software package that simplifies test setup, data acquisition, and data analysis. The tool includes a high-accuracy 9-axis positioning stage capable of automating wafer positioning and subsequent wafer analysis. The adjustable stage positions each wafer accurately and repeatably in the X, Y, and Z axes of the asset. This stage is also equipped with an adjustable-force feature for performing force-difference measurements. 144238 model is equipped with a Spectrum Range metrology equipment for precise measurement of wafer feature heights. The system utilizes precise resolution and auto-focus capability to ensure dimensional uniformity across the entire production lot of wafers. This wafer testing unit can also be used for a variety of non-contact measurements, including die to die, edge to edge, and other complex geometry measurements. TROPEL 144238 Wafer Testing and Metrology Machine offers a suite of test capabilities, including optical inspection, 3D surface topography, light microscopy, spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and inter and intra wafer mapping. The tool is also compatible with multiple wafer defect inspection systems, allowing users to rapidly check for defective or damaged wafers. 144238 asset is equipped with advanced software capable of automating test and measurement functions. The software is capable of automatically inspecting and recording a variety of wafer-related parameters, including feature size, wafer thickness, layer thickness, and number of features. The software allows users to easily create, analyze, and store detailed test results and wafer data. TROPEL 144238 Wafer Testing and Metrology Model is a robust, user-friendly equipment ideal for use in a variety of test and measurement applications. With its comprehensive test capabilities, advanced software, and easy operation, the system is an ideal choice for accurately measuring wafers and obtaining detailed test results in the shortest possible time.
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