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ULVAC Dektak 3030ST
ID: 9148315
Sputtering system.
ULVAC Dektak 3030ST is a revolutionary wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy in examining various types of semiconductors. Dektak 3030ST is an advanced automated lens metrology system and wafer profilometer with an integrated vertical scanning stage and a precision air-bearing motor drive unit. ULVAC Dektak 3030ST features an eddy-current type sensor housed in a uniquely designed vertical scanning stage that ensures the measurement of both planar and vertical profiles within a range of 0.6mm to 13mm. The machine's air bearing motor drive tool enables smooth and accurate motor movement and positioning. The vertical scanning stage is equipped with a digital control asset that allows for automated profile generation and comparison of test wafers. Dektak 3030ST's advanced optical design, superior magnification, and wide range of adjustable focus settings allow users to measure even the most intricate of features or shallow surfaces. This model also includes a convenient, integrated monitor for viewing scan images in real-time. ULVAC Dektak 3030ST features continuously variable scanning speed control along with superior high frequency response for detailed printing resolutions. The state-of-the-art design of Dektak 3030ST includes advanced digital imaging and data analysis systems that offer sophisticated image manipulation, comparison, and interactive graphing tools to provide comprehensive information on wafer profiles. In addition to providing comprehensive metrology capabilities, ULVAC Dektak 3030ST also provides a variety of sample handling and automated baking features to ensure that samples remain accurately controlled within a user specified temperature range. Overall, Dektak 3030ST is an outstanding metrology and wafer testing equipment, designed to meet the needs and expectations of modern semiconductor device manufacturers. From its advanced optical design, to its integrated digital imaging and data analysis capabilities, ULVAC Dektak 3030ST provides an intuitive user experience combined with unparalleled precision and accuracy.
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