Used ULVAC Dektak8 #9106291 for sale

ULVAC Dektak8
ID: 9106291
Vintage: 2006
Step gauge, 2006 vintage.
ULVAC Dektak8 is a highly advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that has revolutionized the semiconductor industry for its accurate, fast, and cost-effective wafer testing processes. This system is designed with a lightweight frame to maximize test throughput and portability, allowing for increased production speed. Dektak8 is equipped with a variety of advanced sensors, including single- and dual-axis, non-contact stylus, optical, and thermal sensors to provide a broad range of wafer testing capabilities. It boasts an impressive data acquisition rate of up to 50 KHz, allowing for accurate results in real-time. ULVAC Dektak8 offers an intuitive user interface designed to simplify operations and promote data processing efficiency. Its enhanced algorithms perform edge detection on 2D images to accurately measure profile points, providing results with an measurement accuracy of 2-5 nanometers. This technologically advanced unit has a specialized software package with various functions for refinement and metering of profile curves, offering comprehensive analysis of wafer profile data. This powerful machine is a valuable tool for monitoring wafers during various production processes. Dektak8 offers highly configurable sample analysis, allowing for various test setups for different wafers and applications. The scan rates of the tool can be adjusted to ensure uniform levels of sample coverage and ideal scan times. With its self-compensation capabilities, it is efficient and cost-effective. The asset is also compatible with a range of post-process optical and thermal accessories to improve sampling accuracy. Additionally, ULVAC Dektak8 uses a wide range of wafer-handling processes and probes, allowing for a more complete analysis. In conclusion, Dektak8 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology model that provides highly accurate results in a fast and cost-effective manner. It is an invaluable tool for monitoring wafers during production processes and is compatible with a range of specialized accessories for improved sample analysis. The intuitive user interface, versatile sample analysis capabilities, adjustable scan rates and self-compensation technologies make ULVAC Dektak8 an efficient and reliable equipment.
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