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ID: 9024202
VEECO 9000 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment developed by VEECO Instruments Inc. It is designed to deliver the highest throughput, resolution, repeatability, and accuracy for a variety of wafer applications. This system includes several advanced instruments, such as the wafer mapping microscope, profilometer, ellipsometer, and atomic force microscope (AFM). These tools enable detailed analysis of surface topology, chemistry, impurities, and defects. The unit's wafer mapping microscope is the optical component that has two imaging acquisition phases: in-line and cross-line. This tool can collect a number of different types of image data, including surface topology and 3-D surface profile. The scanner is capable of continously scan up to 150mm diameter and up to 4 inches thick. The stage can be used for inline or cross line scan, with an automated sample alignment. The proifolometer is a powerful tool for measuring nanoscale topography. It's capable of measuring sub-micron line widths and depths with nanometer precision. The machine offers several modes of operation, including the capability of fast scanning over a large surface area with high vertical resolution. This tool uses interferometric optical technology to ensure accurate measurements. The ellipsometer measures the data for critical wafer process parameters, such as thickness and topography. It features an automatic light source calibration for different wavelength, and can measure spectral characteristics of surfaces as small as 5nm. It can also measure the refractive index, extinction coefficient, extinction angle, and absorption coefficient. The atomic force microscope (AFM) uses a combination of scanning probes to measure the atomic level surface topology and chemistry of samples. This tool is capable of generating extremely high resolution images of nanoscale surface feature with nanometer precision. It has a two-dimensional scan-head and can move up to an x-y-z resolution of up to 0.5nm . The AFM is also equipped with various imaging modes, including force modulation imaging, scan asymmetry imaging, phase imaging, and tapping mode imaging. In addition to these advanced instruments, 9000 tool also includes several additional software tools for data analysis and oversight. The asset includes an user interface that allows for easy set up and access to data. The model can also create detailed reports and images from these data sets. For industry professionals who demand high performance and accuracy for nanoscale surface analysis, VEECO 9000 wafer testing and metrology equipment offers the highest throughput, repeatability, and accuracy. By combining several powerful instruments, it offers an unmatched level of precision for measuring surface topology, chemistry, impurities, and defects. From advanced imaging to detailed data collection, 9000 is the optimal solution for a variety of wafer applications.
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