Used VEECO / DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 #9063652 for sale

ID: 9063652
Atomic force profiler Model No.: DUVx200 Mode: tapping Scan area: ~70um 2003 vintage.
VEECO / DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment provides modern and powerful technology for semiconductor wafer testing and metrology. With its innovative design, VEECO VX 200 system is capable of high throughput and accuracy and can handle a wide range of measurements such as voltage, optical, electrical and mechanical. DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 unit features an integrated optical imaging machine - which can take images of wafers as large as 19.1 inches - and an adjustable measurement stage, allowing precise and accurate and repeatable analysis of wafers in both non-contact and contact modes. The optical tool is also equipped with a slit-and-scan capability which provides accurate and detailed chromatic measurement data at selected coordinates. Additionally, VX 200's Spectroscopic Reflection Microscope (SRM) offers reliable features such as cross sectional imaging and thickness profiling. For electrical measurements, VEECO / DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 asset includes a dedicated electrical test station designed for testing diodes and devices or for performing fast and accurate impedance measurements. With an enhanced database management model, the user can record data quickly and accurately. VEECO VX 200's mechanical station provides non-contact force and torque measurements, along with dimensional measurements such as gap and depth. This station also supports test fixture assembly to automate testing steps, while the laser interferometer station is used for confirming linearity, planarity and perpendicularity. The latest generation of VEECO software provides advanced functionality such as automated gap measurements; repeatable standoffs; multiple test program execution and wafer testing. Additionally, a high speed Run Time Equipment (RTS) allows for increased throughput and data transfer rates. Improved system control provides an advanced power control interface that can be used to customize test parameters or perform test runs at varying speeds or temperatures. Users can also choose from a wide range of additional peripherals such as computer consoles, LCD displays, scanners and software packages to meet their specific needs. DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 unit provides a comprehensive, integrated test and measurement solution for semiconductor wafer testing and metrology.
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